Client: Nestlé
Project: MILO Energy Bar and RTD Milk
Packaging for MILO bar with new energy formulation and MILO ready to drink milk for teens.
Client: Kellogg’s
Project: LCMs Range Design Update
Objective to make shop-ability easier for LCMs via brand blocking and clear variant differentiation.
Client: Mars Pet Care
Project: Schmackos Dog Treats
New packaging for treats leveraging on the distinctive assets of the Character (Roger) and the tagline ‘Dogs go Whacko for Schmackos’. Packaging needed to reflect the fun playful aspect of the Schmackos brand.
Client: Kellogg’s
Project: Just Right Redesign
New product positioning of ‘balanced energy’ captured with the strong device in the centre of pack. Design rolled out across 3 SKUs.
Client: Snowy Mountains Cookies
Project: Cookies and Snack range
Brand redesign and complete packaging update for sweet and savory snack range for Snowy Mountains Cookies. The product is sold on business class flights and online.
Client: Tallowwood Wine
Project: Branding, Packaging and Website
Naming, brand Creation, website design and wine labeling for Hunter Valley boutique winery.
Client: Cypress & Sons
Project: Chang's Asian Foods
Packaging for complete range of Chang's authentic sauces and Noodles.
Client: Streets - Unilever
Project: Magnum Icecream range
Adaptation of global packaging design to suit the Australian market. Across all SKUs for grocery and impulse products.
Client: Streets - Unilever
Project: Cornetto design update and new variant
Packaging redesign to coincide with the Cornetto ‘No Boring Bits’ campaign to communicate the new product formulation. Grocery and impulse packaging.
I have worked with Demo Design over the past ten years on both NPD and general packaging updates and can’t speak more highly of their work. Their approach in dealing with clients has been the best I’ve experienced, the perfect balance between doing what we have asked for as well as pushing the boundaries of comfort to challenge our current thinking.
-Karen Hawkins, Brand Manager, Streets Ice Cream
Client: Freedom Foods
Project: Australia’s Own Soy Milks Range
Brand and packaging redesign for UHT Soy Milk range to better communicate ingredients and variant type. Creating more shelf presence and brand blocking for Australia’s Own.
Client: Nestlé Dairy
Project: Carnation Milks redesign
Packaging redesign for milks range to communicate the product use (for cooking).
Client: Ferrero
Project: Tic Tac Intensity
Labelling for new product variant “Intensity’. A tiny product with big shelf presence!
Client: Nestlé
Project: Nesquik Range Redesign
Objective to better communicate the natural colours and flavours message, create strong flavour differentiation, simplify the design and leverage off the Nesquik Bunny character. Packaging had to appeal to mums and kids alike.
Client: Nestlé Confectionery
Project: Kit Kat Temptations
New product formulation and positioning in the confectionery market to extend the Kit Kat brand offering. Three variants.
Client: Nestlé Confectionery
Project: Kit Kat Cappuccino
Limited edition flavour extension for Kit Kat four finger bar leveraging off the coffee drinking trend.