Posted Tue 25th, June 2013.
This unique olive oil has been created from an indigenous species of olive trees planted on the southern slopes of Kozjak in Croatia. The initiative to plant the trees was the result of a partnership between the Cemex Company and the local oil mill.

Lintar Olive Oil derives its name from a Greek word meaning ‘funnel’ which is also the original name for the Kastela Gulf, the geographical area where the oil originated. Appropriately, the brand and packaging design are inspired by the shape of the funnel and the action of pouring the oil. Combining both traditional and contemporary ideas, the simple yet elegant dark brown glass bottle seem the perfect fit. To complete the individual design, the bottle is hand painted in a light yellow-green offset by the flowing text printed on the surface of the bottle. We love the way the concept, packaging and production of this product all complement each other so beautifully to tell a story and create a brand experience that really makes you want to have this oil in your kitchen.