Posted Mon 03rd, June 2013.
We recently came across Deli Body – a new body wash, hand wash and cream product with a tantalising fruit aroma. Breaking from the tradition of showing fresh fruit on the packaging as we’ve come to expect, this packaging design is attempting to stand out from the crowd.

Reminiscent of wallpaper or fabric patterns, the striking black and white patterns cover the bottle, with a different coloured circular label and catchy name. While they are sure to make a stylish visual statement in any bathroom, it’s not easy at a glance to distinguish the different aromas, as the patterns and colours are not strongly tied to the variety.

None-the-less with irresistible names such Apple Crumble, Lavender Meringue and Kamikaze Blast, we can’t wait to get our hands on these products. Or rather, we can’t wait to get these products on our hands!